Multiple Group Placing and the
First Sussex Spaniel to earn an
AKC Novice Agility Title!!!

Thank You Connie for trusting us with this VERY SPECIAL Little
Brown Dog  and starting us on a life long journey of special LBD's
Agility Photos lovingly taken by our friend Sandra
CH Companionway's Charlie Brown NA
CH Eadweard's Almond Joy x CH Bittersweet Carmel Companion
Born April 25, 1998
Beauty and Brains..........
All photos are the property of Cheryl
Curtis and Erinhill Labradors, please do
not use them without permission.
Best Veteran 2005 Sussex National
       Pedigree for CH Companionway Charlie Brown NA
CH Eadweard's Almond Joy
CH Warringah's Pease Pottage
Oldholbans Right on Time at Warringah
Eadweard Golden Amber
CH Bittersweet Caramel
CH Warringah's Pease Pottage
CH Lexxfield Stoney Hill Lilly
GB Show CH Daelyb Charlock
Eadweard's Bronze Silk
CH Eadweard's Crimson Maple
Oldholbans Right on Time at Warringah
GB Show CH Daelyb Charlock
Branduin's Grape Nehi
CH Happy of Lexxfield