CH Companionway's Peppermint Patti
CH Oldhobans Here at Last  x CH CH Companionways That's Alot of Moxie
Born June 20, 2001
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Curtis and Erinhill
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    Pedigree for CH Companionway's Peppermint Patti
CH Oldholbans Here At Last
"Rusty Nail"
CH Warringah's Bucks Green
Oldholbans Right on Time at Warringah
CH Oldholbans Dancing Spirit

CH Companionways That's
Alot of Moxie
CH Eadweard's Almond Joy
CH Bittersweet Caramel Companion
SH CH Daelyb Charlock
Oldholbans Lucy Lastic
Roanne Espirit at Oldholbans
CH Eadweard's Golden Amber
CH Warringah's Pease Pottage
CH Lexxfiled Stoneyhill Lily
CH Warringah's Pease Pottage
Our sweet Peppermint Patti is the mother of both CH Erinhill's Red Hot Ruby and BIS CH
Erinhill Cmpnwy Mr Fuzzy Wrinkles.  Patti had 2 litters, in which she produced 4 Champions.   
She is a sweet gentle girl who we can always find sleeping on a couch where the sun comes
through the window or  cuddling in any available lap.  Always the mother, but having no more
of her own,  she helps me take care of all the Labrador puppies