Breeding the Labrador Retriever is my passion.

    I have devoted the last 30 years of my life to my breeding
    program emphasizing Health,Temperament and Type of the
    Erinhill Labrador.  

    Health:   Erinhill Breeding Stock are OFA Hip & Elbow Certified, and have been
    DNA tested for PRA and EIC.  I take into consideration for every breeding..  
    overall health of the parents, grandparents, and siblings of the breeding stock.  I
    am looking for longevity, and quality of life as well as the current standard of
    Labrador Breeding Stock evaluations.   

    Temperament:   I believe the Labrador's temperament is his/her best attribute..  
    Labs should be sweet, friendly and loving to all. They are easy to train, willing to
    please and after the struggles of puppy hood, be a perfect  companion for many
    years.  My favorite quote to new breeders is "Breed your Labradors not for you...
    not for the show ring... but for the 5 year old child the majority of these guys will
    be sleeping with"

    Correct Labrador Type:  "Type" is what identifies a Labrador as a specific
    breed.  As an AKC Labrador Judge, I have a well defined picture in my head of
    what I want a Labrador to look like.  I hope by looking at these pages you will see  
    consistency in the type of lab shown here.  

    Coat Color:  I feel I must mention that Labradors only come in three colors.  
    BLACK - YELLOW - CHOCOLATE.   If someone is encouraging you to consider a
    silver, champagne, orange, spotted etc.. dog  KNOW it is not 100% Labrador.  It
    may have some Labrador in its pedigree, and they may even have names and whole
    pedigrees that they say these dogs come from... but it cannot be those colors and
    still be 100% Labrador.   I have nothing against dogs of mixed heritage.  I love
    Mutts.  But if you want a Labrador don't be fooled by these designer colors.   
    These incorrect colors come with the traits of the breed or breeds they come

    All Erinhill puppies go to their new homes with:
    *  Veterinary Health Certificate including first puppy shot
    *  Health and future vaccine info sheet
    *  Microchip Implant &  MicroChip Registration Forms,
    *  AKC Registration Form
    *  3 Generation Pedigree
    *  Copy of the booklet: Erinhill Puppy Handbook
                     (everything you always wanted to know about raising a puppy and forgot to ask)
    *  Age appropriate toys
    *  Collar
    *  Leash   

"Charlie Brown & puppy"

Puppies for Sale!

    I offer a few very special puppies to approved
    homes each year.  Placing the right puppy in the
    right home
    is one of the greatest challenges for every
    breeder.  When you contact me, I will be
    interested in everything
    that will effect how this puppy will fit into your
    home and then try to decide if I have the right
    puppy for your circumstance.  I am only trying to
    do my best for both the puppy and your family.

    All of my pups are sent to their new homes with the
    stipulation that if at anytime in his or her life the
    puppy/dog  cannot stay with you, I must be
    notified and I will gladly take the puppy/dog
No Puppies Right Now!
At the moment we do not have any puppies.  
I am planning a fall 2015 litter of blacks.  
Please email me if you would like to discuss
Erinhill Labrador Retrievers
Bob & Cheryl Curtis
Assonet, MA 02702 508-446-1530